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Peer Notetakers & Notetaking Volunteers

Some students may require assistance obtaining materials presented in class because of limitations resulting from their disability. For most students with disabilities these accommodations are meant to supplement the student's own notes.  Examples of students that may require these accommodations are students with learning disabilities or physical impairments. An exception would be Deaf students or students that are hard of hearing that completely rely on note takers since they are unable to watch their Sign Language interpreter and take notes at the same time. 

Making a Request for a Peer Notetaker

Students that have been approved for peer notetaking as an accommodation should request peer notetakers early in the semester. Once a request is received, the Notetaking Coordinator will verify the accommodation and then begin recruiting peer notetakers for the course(s) requested. Once identified, the Notetaking Coordinator with contact the student with a disability with information about how to access the shared notes. 

Be sure to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about requesting a peer notetaker. 


Volunteering to Serve as a Peer Notetaker

As notetaker requests are received the Notetaking Coordinator will reach out to the students currently enrolled for the course(s) requested to recruit a Peer Notetaker.   Peer Notetakers are expected to attend class, take lecture notes, and upload their notes to a designated folder on Google Drive within a few days of each class. Notetakers will earn volunteer hours based on the number of hours spent in class (generally ~37 hours per semester) and will be provided verification of volunteer service at the end of the semester.  Notes can be uploaded as Word documents, PDFs, or photos of handwritten notes.