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FAQ: Testing Administration Procedures

What if my instructor changes the date of my exam?  How do I add a new exam date to my existing TrackerOnline schedule?

Students are responsible for making changes to their exam schedule online in the event that a test is unannounced, the instructor changes an exam date, or a student needs to reschedule an exam.  Deadlines apply to changes of exam schedules.

I missed the exam I had scheduled at the TAC. What do I do?

Students are responsible for scheduling make up exams according to the instructor’s make up policy and the Student Rules related to Attendance (Part I, Rule 7) ( ).  

  1. Contact the instructor immediately to discuss the absence and obtain their permission to make up the missed exam.
  2. Submit an “Add Request” through TrackerOnline (scheduling deadlines apply).
  3. Check your e-mail for a response from the TAC staff regarding your request.

I missed the deadline to turn in my form.

The TAC may not be able to accept a late Exam/Quiz schedule.  Students are encouraged to speak to their instructor to make other arrangements for the exam.  The following are suggestions for making alternative arrangements with the instructor:

  • Speak to your instructor to see if he/she can provide the requested accommodations.  
  • Ask your instructor if he/she would allow you to reschedule the exam to a later date in order to meet the TAC’s deadline.
  • Take the exam with the rest of the class.