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Procedures and Responsibilities fro Students and Instructors

Student's eligible for exam accommodations due to a disability need may use the Disability Services (DS) Testing Administration Center (TAC) if the instructor in unable to accommodate the student in another setting.  To use the TAC services, please be aware of the following procedures and responsibilities.

Student’s Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. Schedule a time to meet with the instructor to discuss each accommodation requested and provide the instructor with a letter from the student’s Access Coordinator. 
  1. Provide the instructor with an exam schedule form for instructor approval and signature. 
  1. Return a completed and signed exam schedule form to the TAC at least five (5) business days before the first exam (two business days during summer sessions).  It is the student’s responsibility to return the exam schedule form to the TAC. 

Instructor’s Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. Discuss the Requested Accommodations:
    You and the student should discuss the student’s testing accommodations. If you have concerns about the requested accommodations, please contact the student’s Access Coordinator.  Next, determine if the student will use the TAC, or if you will be able to provide the accommodations in another setting (i.e. your office, conference room).  Instructors are welcome to handle accommodations outside of the TAC if they have the space and resources.  Consider the following when making this decision:
    • What is the student’s preferred testing environment?
    • Do you answer questions or give further instructions during the test?
    • Are you able to provide the accommodations in the classroom or in another suitable setting?
    • Is this an evening exam? (see TAC hours)
    • Is this a computer-based exam? Does the student need access to specialized equipment or software? (See computer-based exams)
  1. Approve Exam Scheduling:
    When using the TAC, the student should provide you with an exam schedule form (which they complete on our Tracker website).
    • Discuss and come to an agreement on the exam dates and times.
    • Initial each exam date and sign the exam schedule form.
    • The student is responsible for returning the exam schedule form to the TAC.
  1. Sending Exams to the TAC:
    You may send exams to the TAC in one of the following ways:
    • Email the exam (
    • Fax the exam (979-458-1214).
    • Hand deliver the exam to the TAC.
    • Have a TAC courier pick up the exam at your department’s main office or your office.  (Release the exam only to TAC couriers and DS staff with official DS name tags).

      *In case of inclement weather
      : the TAC may require the exam be faxed or emailed for the safety of our couriers.

  2. Provide Instructions for Exams:
    Include a copy of the “Instructions for Exam Administrator” so that the test proctor will know what to allow the student to use during the exam.  When sending the exam electronically, you should include the instructions in the body of the e-mail.
    • If the “Instructions for Exam Administrator” form is not included and specific directions are not given for the exam, the student may be allowed to use aids (i.e. calculator. notes) at their own discretion.  When this occurs, the exam will be returned with a note attached indicating which testing aids the DS staff permitted.

Testing Center’s Policies and Responsibilities

  1. Request and Obtain Exams from Instructor:
    The TAC staff will contact the instructor or the department’s main office staff 1-2 days prior to the scheduled exam to request a copy of the exam.
  2. Return Exams:
    After the student completes the exam, a TAC courier will return the exam to the instructor or department in a timely fashion.
  3. Test Security:
    The TAC maintains exam security in the following ways:
    1. The DS fax machine and email are closely monitored by the TAC staff.
    2. Exams in the TAC are kept in a secure location.
    3. The testing rooms are monitored throughout the day with cameras, or a staff member in the room.  Students are not allowed to take cell phones or other electronic communication devices into the testing rooms.
    4. The TAC tracks the exam from the time it is received in the TAC to the time it is returned to maintain the security of the exam.
  4. Exam Administration:
    Students using the TAC are required to show their picture ID before being given their exams.
    • If a student does not begin the exam within 15 minutes of the scheduled exam time, the exam will be returned to the instructor with an exception report explaining that the student was a “no show” for the exam.

Other TAC Information

  1. Computer Based Exams:
    If an exam requires a specific type of software or hardware that is not available in the TAC, the instructor may need to handle the accommodation in their computer lab or contact the Disability Services staff to discuss possible alternatives.
    • During finals, only exams that require access to a computer to meet an accommodation need will be administered by the TAC. 
  1. Faculty Resource Guide:
    This guide is available at and provides additional information on faculty rights and responsibilities.
  1. Hours of operation:
    The TAC is available for exam scheduling Monday through Thursday, 8:00am - 9:00pm and Fridays 8:00am - 5:00pm.   All scheduled exams must be completed before the TAC closes.
    • When no exams are scheduled the TAC may close at 6:00pm

  2. Contact Information:
    Testing Administration Center: 979-862-4570,