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Personal Attendants

Helpful Hints for Finding a Personal Attendant

As a student with a disability or impairment who has applied and been accepted to Texas A&M University, there are a few pieces of information that will assist you in finding a personal attendant. The Department of Disability Services (DS) does not keep a list of qualified personal attendants; however the following information will assist you in making preparations to hire your own personal attendants. When meeting with an Access Coordinator that you will be assigned to, they will discuss the following information on how to acquire a personal attendant who will meet your particular needs. The following steps may assist you in advertising, interviewing, selecting, and training your personal attendant:

  • Make an appointment with an Access Coordinator in DS. This appointment should be made, if at all possible, during the semester or the Summer prior to entering Texas A&M University.
  • During your appointment, you will be provided with an Attendant Advertisement Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help you and your family write an accurate job description for a personal attendant.  The questionnaire is also designed to help you analyze each task that must be done on a daily and/or weekly basis.  It is advisable to take at least a week to complete the form so that you  can determine all the specifics of your needs.
  • Your Access Coordinator will be available to answer questions you may have in completing the form.
  • Please be as concise as possible as you complete your advertisement form. This advertisement should be in the form of a classified ad. Upon completion, please mail or hand-deliver your advertisement form to the address listed on this brochure, so that it can be posted on the Jobs for Aggies website.

Common Questions and Answers Concerning Hiring an Attendant

When will the advertisement be posted on the Jobs for Aggies website? 

ANSWER:  Approximately 2 or 3 weeks before the start of the semester that you will be entering Texas A&M.

When can I expect to hear from potential applicants?  

ANSWER:  Usually students who want to find jobs as attendants come to campus about a week or so before school starts to begin looking for employment. It is not uncommon to still be interviewing potential personal attendants up until a few days before or after the semester begins.

What are the student’s options if an attendant is not found before the beginning of the semester? 

ANSWER:  This situation is not uncommon for students looking for an attendant.  A family member or friend may need to stay during the interim  period or a temporary attendant may need to be hired.

Who will make the final selection of my attendant or attendants?  

ANSWER:  You and your family will collect all the applications; contact the applicants; conduct all of the interviews and make your own selection according to your criteria for the position.

Who is responsible for paying for my attendant?

ANSWER:  If you are a client of Texas Health and Human Services you will need to meet with your HHS Counselor to determine the method of payment.  If you are ineligible for their services at this time, you are responsible for working out a method of payment with your attendant or attendants. DS does not provide any financial  support  for attendants.

Helpful agencies and phone numbers:

Texas Health and Human Services
(formerly known as Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, DARS)

  (800) 628-5115 General
  (979) 680-5270 Local
  HHS Resource page:
  Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

The Associates Home Health
  (979) 691-2273

Comfort Keepers
  (979) 764-3076