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Faculty Guide: Helping Students in Difficulty

Please consider the following resources when helping students, identifying students in difficulty, working with troubled students, and knowing where to refer students when they need it.


For absence notifications due to emergencies (personal or medical), including hospitalization, students or their families should notify:

Student Assistance Services
(979) 845-3113

Injury or Illness

For medical emergencies, call 9-911 from a campus phone or 911 from an off-campus phone or a cell phone.  If a student is feeling ill, advise him or her to set up an appointment online or by phone at:

Student Health Services
(979) 458-8250

Students in Distress

If you are assisting a student who is experiencing a psychological or emotional crisis, or needs to speak to someone, contact:

Student Counseling Service
(979) 845-4427

Threatening Behavior

If you see or are dealing with threatening behavior or other unusual situations in which students appear extremely aggressive, contact:

University Police Department
On campus 911
Off campus 911
Non-emergency (979) 845-2345

Special Situations Team
(979) 845-4728

*The charge of the University’s Special Situations Team is to assess circumstances, enhance communication, and initiate appropriate responses to specific behavioral problems that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community.

Tell Somebody

If a member of the University community observes any behavior that is concerning and needs to be brought to the attention of the Special Situations Team, individuals may go to and provide detailed information on the online report form.  The individual has the option to fill in contact information or submit the report anonymously. 

Remember, if a student exhibits behaviors that you feel indicate IMMEDIATE DANGER TO SELF OR SOMEONE ELSE, call 911 from a campus phone or 911 from a cell phone or off-campus phone 


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