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Campus Construction Updates

A number of major construction projects are underway on main campus that may disrupt traffic, parking, bus stop locations and pedestrian pathways.  Students and campus visitors are encouraged to stay up to date of changes. Plan ahead for potential changes in access and consider alternative paths.

For more information on current projects visit:

Specific Projects in progress to be aware of:

Community Construction Projects

  • Multiple reconfigurations of extrance and exit ramps on Highway 6 in Bryan & College Station
  • Century Square (University Drive near South College) - Fall 2015 through 2017
  • Park West housing development (Penberthy at Jones Butler) - Fall 2015 through August 2017

For more information about campus projects:

  • Office of Facilities Coordination
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Aggie Map
    (Up-to-date information about construction on campus. Construction zones are denoted with a red mesh overlay. Clicking on the construction zone will open a dialog box with the name of the project, the start and estimated end dates, and a link to additional information.)