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Disability Services Staff

While most staff members can answer general disability-related questions, and most Access Coordinator handle case management for students with all types of disabilities, some staff members have specific focus groups and departmental responsibilities as listed below.


 Photo Name & TitlePrimary contact for questions about...

Photo Pending
Da'Jon Diggs
Access Coordinator

Case Management (Generalist)

Tracey Forman: Photo of Tracey FormanTracey Forman
Assistant Director

Assistive Technology Services (Management & AT Specialist)
Career Center Liaison & Resources
Department Marketing & Communications
Case Management (Visual, Physical, HSC, Generalist)
Housing Accommodation Requests (secondary)

Alicia Guevara: Photo of Alicia GuevaraAlicia Guevara
Access Coordinator

Interpreter and Transcription Services (primary)
Veteran Services Liaison
Housing Accommodation Requests (primary)
Study Abroad Liasion
Case Management (Deaf/Hearing, Veterans, Generalist)

Photo PendingJoe Hartsoe
Access Coordinator
Case Management (ASDs, Psychiatric, Generalist)
Interpreter and Transcription Services (secondary)
Student Counseling Service Liasion
Paul Harwell: Photo of Paul HarwellPaul Harwell
Access Coordinator

Department Assessment
Assistive Technology Specialist
Case Management (Visual, Health, Generalist)
Academic Success Center Liasion

Photo Pending
Jenna Howard
Access Coordinator

 Case Management (Generalist)

Photo PendingMichelle McCue Hannett
Office Assistant


Administrative Support for Testing Center and Main Office
Exam Proctoring


Diana North: Photo of Diana NorthDiana North
Sign Language
Interpreter & Transcriptionist
Interpreter Services (ASL, Signed English)
Transcription Services
Kristie Orr: Photo of Kristie OrrKristie Orr

Department Management, Planning & Budget
Student Contact for ADA Compliance Concerns
Faculty Advisory Board, Faculty Training & Awareness
Case Management (Generalist)

Maria Ortega: Photo of Maria OrtegaMaria Ortega
Assistant Director
Testing Administration Center (Management, Finals Coordination)
Department Risk Management Contact
Case Management (Psychiatric, Generalist)
Photo: Justin RomackJustin Romack
Assistive Technology

Coordinates Assistive Technology Services
Assistive Technology Specialist
Coordinates alternative format production
Management of AT equipment and software
Supervision of student staff in ATS area

Lenny Sanders: Photo of Lenny Sanders Lenny Sanders
Testing Administration Center (Overall Coordination/Logistics)
Exam Scheduling, Proctoring
Matt Swick: Photo of Matt SwickMatt Swick
Office Assistant

Administrative Support for Testing Center and Main Office
Exam Proctoring

Diane Vulgamott: Photo of Diane VulgamottDiane Vulgamott
Office Associate
Office Management
Business Services (purchasing, travel, payment processing)
Inventory, Keys
Exam Proctoring
Photo: Erika WiseErika Wise
Access Coordinator
Case Management (Generalist)
Presentation Coordinator
Resource Table Coordinator


Organizational Chart (PDF Reader) - current as of Fall 2016


Disability Services Staff - March 2016