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Student Stories - featuring Blaine Clamon '16

Below are some links to some feature stories about students with disabilities at Texas A&M University:

Photo: Blaine Clamon and his mom, CherylBlaine Clamon '16 - Overcoming Challenges, Building Self Confidence
Unlike most college students at Texas A&M University, Blaine has had to overcome challenges related to Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.  With help from his family, friends and campus resources, he is now successfully working towards his degree after a difficult first semester.

Photo: Kaitlyn Kellermeyer and Suzanne Droleskey, her Tai Chi InstructorKaitlyn Kellermeyer '17 - Learning Tai Chi without Vision
This article posted by Dr. Suzanne Droleskey in the College of Education and Human Development demonstrates the individualized approach that is sometimes needed to detemine how to best accommodate a student with a visual impairment in a a dynamic class environment.  Dr. Droleskey discusses her thoughts, preparation, and implementation as she learned to work with Kaitlyn.  Both the instructor and student worked together to figure out how to best teach the required skills and in the process helped the other students in the class learn how to interact with a blind person.

Photo: Jason Larzelere and George W. Bush (from The Eagle)Jason Larzelere '16 - Student Veterans Prepping Route for Wounded Warrior Bike Ride
In this article that ran in April 2015 Jason Larzelere, president of the Student Veteran's Association, shares a little about his own experience as a veteran that was injured during a deployment to Iraq in 2008.  

Photo: Kyle CoxKyle Cox '18 - Raising Awareness for Muscular Dystrophy
In this story that ran on KBTX, Kyle and his family talk about the "Coach to Cure" event that raises awareness and funding to promote research about muscular dystrophy.

Photo: Sarah QuickSarah Quick - Promoting Dwarfism Awareness Month
Texas A&M biomedical sciences and wildlife and fisheries double major Sarah Quick, in the MSC on A&M’s campus, is reaching out to local media outlets, social media, friends and anyone else she can speak with to help promote Dwarfism Awareness Month. (Photo by Sam Craft/The Eagle)

Photo: Bridget Reily

Bridget Reily - Student Advocate for Crohn's Disease
In this article that ran in a September 2014 edition of the Battailion we learn about Bridget Reily who has become a leading spokesperson for Crohn’s disease awareness in her hometown of Tyler, Texas.  Bridget has become highly involved in her local chapter of Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, CCFA, an organization that promotes awareness and raises funds for Crohn’s disease research.

Photo: Taylor DelzTaylor Delz - "Lessons From Adversity"
In this article in "The Battalion", Taylor Delz shares his changed perspective on life after surviving third degree burns when he was 14. 


Photo: Eric Johnson & Caleb JentschCaleb Jentsch '13 - "How to Save a Life"
After a near fatal skiing accident, Caleb Jentsch (pictured on the right in the photo with his friend, Eric) seeks to educate others about the importance of wearing a helmet. In this article published by the Battalion in November 2013 Caleb talks about his injury, recovery, return to Texas A&M University and his goal to bring awareness about helmet safety. 


Photo: Jonathan HawkinsJonathan Hawkins '08 - Coaching Sports He Never Played
Jonathan Hawkins is a former student with cerebral palsy who utilizes a wheelchair.  He now teaches history at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Jonathan recently took on coaching sports he has never had the chance to play himself. Check out the story and video clip that ran on KBTX in February 2013.

Photo: Don Mathews (courtesey of The Battalion)Don Mathews, Jr - "Road to Resilience"
After recovering from an assault that left him with a traumatic brain injury and memory loss in 1998, Don Mathews graduates almost 15 years later, by taking just a few classes at a time. The Battalion also ran a previous feature on Don in 2009.


Photo: Deshae Lott

Deshae Lott '94 '99 - "Living to the Max"
Former Student Deshae Lott has Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (MD).   She lost the ability to walk at age 17 and the ability to breathe for herself just before she turned 32.  What she hasn’t lost is the ability to live fully and well.

Photo: Mark Steinhubl

Mark Steinhubl '13 - "Life after a Head Injury"
Mark is a Texas A&M student who experienced a traumatic brain injury during his senior year of high school.  Mark shared his rehabilitation story with the local TV station, KBTX.  


Photo: Trevor Warren and his parents

Trevor Warren '11 - "Accommodations Supported by Donations"
Trevor is a student with dyslexia who uses audio books and electronic text with text-to-speech software to help him accommodate his reading difficulties.  Part of the funding to assist with the production costs for alternative format course materials comes from the Association of Former Students.


Photo: Lauren Long

Lauren Long ' 12 - "Dance All Day"
Lauren is legally blind, but she has never let that stop her from fully participating in college life.  Lauren was a member of the Aggie Wranglers.


Photo: Kyle Abbate

Kyle Abbate '11 - "Do Something You Love"
Kyle was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects the muscles in all four of his limbs.


Photo: Brittney Holland

Brittney Holland '12 - "Don't Tell Me I Can't"
Brittney is legally blind, but that doesn't keep her from much of anything - including barrel racing.