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As part of our awareness and outreach efforts, staff members from Disability Services will facilitate presentations for the Texas A&M University community.  Our most common presentation request topics are listed below, but we may be able to tailor a presentation to fits the needs of your group or a specific topic.

Department Overview

A general overview of the Disability Services including a review of the student population demographics, common accommodations and the process for students to request and set-up accommodations. Specific discussion points for each audience (instructors, students, etc.) may be added as appropriate or by request.

Average Duration: 15-45 minutes

Panel of Students/Individuals with Disabilities

A panel of individuals with disabilities (usually 3-6 panelists) share their personal experiences and answer questions from the audience.   A Disability Services staff member typically takes the lead to recruit panelists and facilitate the panel discussion.  Panel membership can be broad (many different types of disabilities) or specific (focused on a particular type of disability). 

Average Duration: 45-90 minutes

Adaptive Technology Demonstration

An overview of the most common types of adaptive equipment and software used by individuals with disabilities to facilitate access in the college setting.  Demonstrations that are done on site may be able to allow some hands-on opportunity with equipment and software.

Average Duration: 45-90 minutes

Resource Table

Disability Services staff members will participate in various campus resource fairs to be available to answer questions about how to request accommodations (for students) or how to work with our office to set-up accommodations (faculty/staff). 

Average Duration: 60-120 minutes

Other Presentation Topics

Customized topics and presentations may be offered depending on staff expertise and availability.   When appropriate we may refer your request to another university office or community agency - OR - we may try to partner with other university offices or community agency to present the topic. 

Some recent topics that we have been requested to present on include:

  • Universal Design and how it Benefits Individuals with Disabilities
  • ADA Compliance for Distance Education Programs
  • Web Accessibility
  • Deaf Culture
  • Accessible Instructional Materials

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