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Accommodations Coordination

Once a student's documentation has been reviewed by the Documentation Review Committee, the student's file will be assigned to an Access Coordinator (AC).  The AC will meet with the student to notify them of the outcome of the Documentation Review Committee decision, learn more about the student's needs, and to begin the process of setting up appropriate accommodations.

  • If needed, the Access Coordinator will advise the student of any additional documentation needs based on the documentation provided and student's accommodations request(s).

Appropriate accommodations are determined by the Access Coordinator and student based on the documented needs, previous accommodations, and functional limitations of the student.

New Student Meeting

The first appointment with the Access Coordinator is the New Student Meeting. During the initial meeting with an Access Coordinator, DS policies and procedures are discussed with the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to make their needs known and to provide the appropriate documentation to support their requests.

Working with Instructors

The student is responsible for delivering the accommodations letters generated with the Access Coordinator to the instructors. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructors to discuss their testing and other accommodations and to answer any questions the instructors may have.

In the event the accommodations are not meeting the student's needs, or the accommodations are not being met by the instructor, it is the student's responsibility to contact their Access Coordinator to discuss the situation.

Reporting a Concern or Grievance

Procedures for reporting a concern or a grievance related to an accommodation or disability-related issue are detailed the the Texas A&M University Student Rules.