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Campus Accessibility Guide: Building Accessibility Details

Walton Hall

Building Number
Map QuadrantG-5
Accessible ParkingThe nearest accessible parking is in PA 2. There are (2) spaces located at the North side of the lot. A curb ramp is located between the spaces.
Exterior SignageThere are no accessible entrances to this building.
Curb CutsThere is a curb cut located on the corner of Houston and Hogg St. It is not located or protected to prevent obstruction by parked vehicles. The curb ramp is steep and is not located at a marked crossing.
RampsThere are no accessible entrances to this building.
Exterior EntrancesThere are no accessible entrances to this building.
Interior SignageLetters and numerals are not raised above the surface and no Braille is provided. Mounting height and location is not ADA accessible.
RestroomsThe restrooms are not on an accessible route nor are they accessible by ADA standards.
FountainsAll drinking fountains are not accessible to those with wheelchairs.
ElevatorsNot applicable to this building.
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